Use the gagging toys with all the precautions?

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What is gag sex toy?

What is gag sex toy?

Gag sex toys are specially design for the use in BDSM, SM and sadist and maso activity. Which is specially used by the dominative partner on the submissive partner to restrict the ability of speak. People wear gag for verity of reasons. Like some peoples use it for erotic stimulation, use it for role-play of submissive and dominating. Some peoples wear gag for the purpose of punishment and control. Well on the other hand some people are wearing without any purpose of humiliation.

The wearing of a gag can increase the anxiety level of BDSM play. But it also intensifies the tension and excitement level in your body. The type of the gag is depending to the couples who want to do BDSM sex with gags. Some gags are small and some are big to cover the whole mouth. Gags are may be classified on the type and the base of mouth. During the use of the gagging toys you can also include other sex toys like dildo, BDSM whip, vibrators and other massager’s sex toys.

Types of gaging toys?

Types of gaging toys?

There are lots different types of gagging sex toys are available in the market so let’s talk about some of these gag toys:- Some of these are normal and famous and some of these are different and unique in designs.

Funnel gag

These are one of those unique type of gag sex toy. It’s known the name of funnel gag because it looks like household funnel. This type of gag sex toy is used to force a person to drink the fluid during the BDSM activity. It is very easy to chock during such forced drinking.

Ball gag

Ball gags are one of the most popular BDSM toys. It comes in ball shapes with many wholes to breathing properly. It is mostly made with the silicone, plastic and rubber materials. It is the most effective for gag for prevent the voice of your submissive.

Butterfly gags

Butter fly gags are mostly available in a winged shape and a butterfly shape. The central part of it fits in behind the teeth and the lips. This is a high kind of gag in wear.

Bandit (over the nose)

Bandit is also known as over the nose and mouth gag sex toy. Bandit are covers your all nose part that is why it’s also known as the over the nose mouth gag.

Cleave gag

The more effective gag over the entire mouth gag is called the cleave gag. Cleave gags are difficult to remove because it is thick type of gag, because it covers under area of the mouth like teeth or tongue. It’s not covering your whole mouth. When you are using it you can say that the voice is your submissive partner is muffled but it’s not preventing completely.

Pecker and penis gag

As it suggests with his name that it is comes with penis shapes. So submissive partner can wear it and suck the penis in BDSM activity.

Harness gag

The harness gag covers your head. Head harness is most commonly used to provide the point to attach other gags like ball gag, bit gag, muzzle gag and ring gag, although there are some other use like providing attachment points for other forms of bondage. People can use it extreme erotic BDSM play. Many of head harness are made for covering the eyes also.

Precaution while using gagging toys?

Precaution while using gagging toys?

Whenever you are involving in the BDSM activity you should decide and established a safe action. It is very important during the play because during the play if you cannot feel comfort than how can you stop your partner so that you have to first do this step it is important. Next thing is how to choose a gag, choose right type of gag for you is also important for you. Because these are comes in different sizes so you have to choose perfect one for you.

Next important thing is never use mouth gag when the gagged person isn’t feeling or breathing well. And if you have any type of physical problem like cold and asthma then skip gagging otherwise it’s not good for your health. Next thing is if the submissive partner wear gag and you are dominative hen never squeeze his or her nose otherwise they cannot breath and then you have to face serious problem. Last if your partner not comfortable with that just stop the activity.